Master Naturalist Class of 2012


The Master Naturalist Class of 2012 consists of 21 volunteers who committed to a 12 week training program conducted at Fountain Rock and Catoctin Creek Nature Centers. After completion of the course, these volunteers will work at Catoctin Creek and/or Fountain Rock Nature Centers for the next year on a volunteer basis.

Additionally, each Master Naturalist will complete a project to assist the nature centers in Frederick County, Maryland. The projects range from creating girl/boy scout programs to creating family based scavenger hunts at each park. We hope to profile the projects on this blog site in the coming weeks.

The pending projects are:
1. Create Scout Program Outlines for the common scout program requests at the nature centers.
2. Create an interactive, hands-on hydrological cycle.
3. Design a bird feeder check off list and activities for a feeder observation station in the discovery room area of Catoctin Creek Nature Center.
4. Create notebook with nature crafts/pictures, instruction times and supply list.
5. Plan and lay out the butterfly garden; select plants that cold be planted in the fall and spring that will attract butterflies. Develop a plan for installing native low lying shrubs next to the bird feeders at Catoctin Creek Nature Center.
6. Create a history tour for the historical structures at Catoctin Creek Nature Center.
7. Develop a social media and marketing plan for Fountain Rock Nature Center.
8. Create an outdoor bird checklist for Fountain Rock Nature Center.
9. Develop a scavenger hunt for older children which will encourage them to learn more about our live nature center animals. Laminate related crosswords and activity sheets to include with this activity.
10. Create a family based “Quest” or scavenger hunt for both nature centers. By creating a “hunt” where various locations at each site that will highlight and expose families to specific points of interests, such as nature or historical interests. Each hunt will have a map and questions to answer about what can be found at the park they are visiting.
11. Create Girl Scout Program Outlines based on the new Girl Scout Handbook.
12. Create nature journal pages of the Master Naturalist Class field trips complete with descriptions and drawings.
13. Refresh all tree labels at Fountain Rock Nature Center by identifying tree species and placing labels at the trees.
14. Develop butterfly garden curriculum promoting garden creation at home.
15. Create an interactive hike along the Red Trail at Catoctin Creek Nature Center.

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