The Wetlands of Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center

The Wetlands of Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center.

Did you know that Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center contains wetlands? Wetlands you say – what are wetlands?

The Monocacy & Catoctin Watershed alliance provides a nice explanation of wetlands. “Wetlands are unique, low-lying areas where land meets water. Their features often change from season to season. Wetlands can be covered with water all or some of the time creating a unique habitat for a variety of plants and animals… They act as a sponge, helping to lower the impact of flooding; they act as a filter, absorbing excess nutrients from polluted water that runs off of the land; and they provide numerous recreational opportunities.”

At Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center we have a natural spring that flows at approximately 3.2 million gallons a day and forms part of the headwaters of Glade Creek. Glade Creek borders the park property and flows into the Monocacy River. The springs and Glade Creek are in the Potomac River Watershed.

Are wetlands important? Yes, yes they are! Visit Fountain Rock Park & Nature on any given day and you will see numerous waterfowl such as geese and ducks on the water of the quarry pond and the trout pond. The wetlands provide a safe habit for the birds and provide food for them as well. Both ponds are inhabited by a number of turtles, frogs, and a variety of fish.

The general population often overlooks the importance of wetlands. We would like to encourage you to visit Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center and explore our wetlands.

Want to know more? Please stop by the Nature Center during it’s weekend hours and one of our volunteers or staff will be happy to answer questions. Also here in Frederick County, Maryland – Hood College is home to The Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies. They are an additional resource for more in-depth information on wetlands and watersheds.

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