Waiting for spring…

I am waiting for spring to arrive.  The calendar says tomorrow is the first day of spring.  I am not so sure.  Yesterday, much of Frederick County, MD had sleet and snow.  My driveway was coated with so much sleet it could have been a ice skating ring.  Where is spring?  Or better yet, how do you know when spring arrives?

Most people consider spring to arrive when the calendar says it is spring.  By that definition tomorrow is spring.  Yippie !  But wait – is it really spring?  

Nature gives us lots of clues as to when spring arrives.  Are robins out and about? Are the first spring flowers sprouting? Are there leaves on the leaves?  

To me the answer is tree leaves.  Lots of tree leaves.  Not just the buds that promise leaves to come, but actual big green tree leaves that produce shade from the sun.  Last year at my house (located on the side of the Catoctin Mountains in Frederick County) the leaves appeared in force about the 1st week of April.  The year before the leaves waited until about the 15th of April to appear in force.  This year, I am not so sure.  I see lots of buds on the trees.  I see robins and blue birds in the yard.  And the first spring flowers have sprouted.  So spring is coming.  But I am waiting for leaves, to be sure.


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