Birds of spring break

It’s spring break.  The sun is shinning and the birds are singing.  Have you seen the birds of Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center?  We have a number of birds that are visiting our park this week.  Below are photos of some of our bird visitors this week.


The bluebird. We have several bluebird nesting boxes here at the park. Bluebirds tend to like sunny, east facing nesting boxes.


We also have seen a number of bluejays and cardinals. These are a few of the colorful birds of spring that are visiting Fountain Rock Park.

Did you know that we have a nice bird viewing area for children just inside our nature center? Yes, we have a near perfect area inside the nature center for the children to watch birds feeding at a stocked bird feeder. The bird feeder is located on just the other side of a picture window the children can view them from. Our staff and volunteers will be glad to help identify the birds and explain details about the birds for inquisitive young (or not so young) minds.

Today is a good day to stop by your park and see how many birds you can find.

(bird photos are used with permission under a creative commons license from wikipedia)

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