Chipmunk – Mammal of the month

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center highlights a mammal each month to help teach our visitors about some of the wildlife in and near the park. This month, the mammal of the month is the Chipmunk.

Image(photo used with permission under a Wikipedia creative commons license)

A chipmunk is a small rodent, similar to a squirrel in some aspects.  Chipmunks eat seeds, nuts, fruits and grass. At times, Chipmunks may also eat small insects, spiders and worms.

Chipmunks live in a burrow with an entrance usually near a tree root or rock. Chipmunks will sometimes come close to people seeking handouts of nuts or other food. Chipmunks should NOT be picked up as they will bite. A chipmunk bite is painful and will feel as though you hit your finger hard with a hot hammer.

Want to know more? Stop by Fountain Rock Park and Nature Center and ask our staff or volunteers about chipmunks and they will be glad to answer any questions.

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