Trees of Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center has a variety of trees on the park grounds.   The trees provide shade for visitors and a habitat for birds, insects and some animals.

How many trees are on the park grounds and what type of tree are they? We do not have a complete inventory or count of trees at Fountain Rock Park. But we do have some volunteers working on it!

When you visit Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center you will notice that some of our trees do have small signs to tell you what type of tree you are seeing. One of our volunteer Maryland Master Naturalist Interns is working on a project to identify and place signage at more of our trees.  It is a slow process, but it is important to properly identify the trees on the park grounds. There are many books to assist with identification of trees. One pocket guide that is handy is the Peterson First Guides – Trees.

Tree guideWe do have a large Elm tree.  Many Elm trees in Maryland, and the United States in general, have died due to Dutch Elm disease. Dutch Elm disease is spread by some bark beetles and kills the Elm trees.

Other trees at Fountain Rock Park include several types of oak trees, box elder trees, maple trees and many others. Fountain Rock Park might be getting some American Chestnut trees to plant on the park grounds in the near future.  Please watch this blog for details on the Chestnut trees.

Want to know more?  Please stop by the Fountain Rock Park Nature Center during it’s open hours on the weekend and ask one of our knowledgeable park staff or volunteers.  They will be glad to answer any tree questions you might have.

The Nature Center is open from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and from 1pm to 4pm on Sundays.

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