Vietnamese Walking Sticks

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center has an exhibit of live Vietnamese Walking Stick insects. The Vietnamese Walking Stick insect exhibit is used to teach visitors about walking stick insects.

The Vietnamese Walking Stick is a species of the family Phasmatidae.

Originally from Vietnam, many Vietnamese Walking Sticks are now bred in captivity. Their diet is mainly leaves such as oak, maple, hawthorn and others.

One of the first things children notice is how much the Vietnamese Walking Sticks look like “sticks”. They tend to grow to about 4 to 5 inches long and cling to the side of the exhibit aquarium. This makes it easy for visitors to see them and watch them move about inside the aquarium.

Often, if the Nature Center is not too busy, staff will take out one of the Vietnamese Walking Sticks and allow visitors to hold them and examine them up close.

The Vietnamese Walking Stick has a short life span of about 5 to 7 months. Their ability to blend in with their surroundings helps them to avoid being eaten by birds and other mammals.
While Vietnamese Walking Sticks make a good exhibit to study and learn about insects, they are not good to have as a pet. Why? Well walking stick insects can become invasive pests and eat important agricultural products if they escape or are let loose.

(Photo used with permission under a Wikipedia Creative Commons license)

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