Spiders !

Spiders!  What is it about that word that makes many peoples skin creep?  Perhaps it is from when we all were kids and our moms told us to stay away or they would bite us.  I’m just not sure why so many people avoid spiders.

Spiders are good to have around the outside of your house.  They catch many insects (think mosquitoes) that we would prefer not to have close to our house. Spiders come in many shapes, sizes and colors.


(photo by Chris Kepler, used with permission)

The spider above made a nice home by my computer printer this afternoon. He wasn’t there this morning. He just seemed to poof in place, spider web and all. Makes me wonder what the spider thinks there is to catch by my computer printer. Perhaps the infamous computer bug?

Just what are spiders? They are usually identified as being arthropods with eight legs. This article is not a scientific discussion of spiders. Rather it is just an observation of the day. Spiders are interesting to observe. What can you do to learn about spiders?

I took my young daughter out in the yard to spider hunt. She had a lot of fun doing it. We didn’t pick up the spiders. We just looked and counted how many we could find. We used a long stick to part the grass. A five minute spider hunt found no less than 25 spiders! They were all protecting our house from other insects, I explained to my daughter. She was happy and we had fun.

Would you like to know more about spiders? We have several live spider exhibits at Fountain Rock Park and Nature Center. Please stop by and ask one of our friendly staff or volunteers your spider questions. They will be glad to help you learn more.

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