Photography at Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center

Did you know that Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center is a favorite location of many people to take photos? Many days at the park you will see numerous people out and about with cameras. They are photographing the many birds, turtles, squirrels, ducks and other wildlife that abounds at your park.

(photo by Mike K., used with permission)

I was surprised yesterday by a gentleman who was taking underwater photos and videos at the Quarry Pond. How was he taking the underwater photos?  That was my first question.  He had a camera attached to the end of a long pole.  He used the pole to submerge the camera and take underwater photos of the turtles in the pond. Impressive!

Also, the butterflies, dragonflies and flowers of the park are favorite subjects for photographers.

Have you taken any photos at Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center that you would like to see on the blog?  If so, and you are willing to share the photos, please email me at: with the photo(s) and I will do my best to put them up on your blog.

Now, lets go take some photos !

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