Summer Series of Letterboxing Launches this Weekend!

White turtlehead flower letterboxing stamp at Fountain Rock Park

Our summer series of letterboxing stamps features the plant life of Fountain Rock Park, including white turtlehead, purple coneflower, hackberry bark, and garlic mustard. The new stamps are in place along the trail, just in time for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

>>Download the Trail Clues

What is the Letterboxing trail?

We have concealed four small boxes alongside our park trails. The trail clues will lead you to each of the hidden locations. Each of these ‘letterboxes’ contains one hand-carved stamp and one pad of ink. Bring a notebook or some index cards to collect an impression from each of these stamps. The final box contains the Fountain Rock Logbook, which you can ‘sign’ with your own personal stamp, if you’ve brought one along.

What’s special about Fountain Rock’s letterboxing trail?

Our letterboxing trail was created in the Fall of 2014 by one of our Master Naturalist volunteers. Each stamp is hand-carved to represent a part of the park’s natural history. We change the stamp series seasonally – collect all four sets throughout the year for a total of 12 unique stamps!

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